100 Years at family possession

40 Years Pension Rößner

This column on the first floor has its origin in the Romanesque period (900-1100 after Christ).

Typically Romanesque vault from the cellar up to the second floor.

At that time, Pension Rößner was part of the monastery of Niedernburg. Sister Gisela, who was later canonized, used to live in this part of the monastery.

Although Gisela was the first queen of Hungary, she fell into oblivion.
Together with her husband King Stephan, she established their kingdom and supported the Christianisation of the Magyars.
After the death of Stephan, Gisela returned to Passau. She died in the monastery of Niedernburg.
Of course you can visit Gisela’s shrine which has become the place of pilgrimage for many (Hungarian) pilgrims.

The history of the house:

The house was built at the time of the first millennium.

In each of the two town fires in the 16th century, one third of the house burnt down.

The former name of the house was Ort 65, later Ort 88.

Later, the address was altered into Bräugasse 88.

Since then, the house number has been altered into 18 and finally into 19.

For more than 250 years our house was a bakery and belonged to the bakery Gerechtzsame until 1963.

Names of the former owners:

Heindl Andrä
Heindl Michel
Heindl Josef
Heindl Josef
Hidringer Johan
Josef Rößner
(master baker)
Rudolf Rößner
(master baker)
since 1984
Werner Rößner
(your host)

Alterations of the building:

a shop was built
the silo on the 2nd floor was converted into a flat
a veranda was built; further rooms on the ground floor
the shop was altered in order to sell milk
bakery of Rudolf Rößner cancelled its licence
Pension Irmgard Rößner was registered
the part of the flat on the first floor facing the Danube was converted into three guestrooms, breakfast room and kitchen
the part of the flat on the second floor facing the Danube was converted into four guestrooms
the part of the flat on the second floor facing the street was converted into 3 guestrooms
the ground floor was converted into one breakfast room and 3 guestrooms
Werner Rößner took over the pension
the pension was rebuilt as a whole: new roof truss, copper roof, new sanitary facilities, new electric installation, new furniture, new technical standard

The original structure of the house was not changed,

because it was classified as historical monument.